This code is attended to state publicly how we will comply in the conduct of our business. We value our customer relationships highly and always endeavour to do everything in our power to ensure that our customers are delighted with the services that we provide and they receive.

About this code

This Code of Practice has been written in response to the General Condition of Entitlement (GC) 14.2 and (GC) 14.4 (Codes of Practice and Dispute Resolution), as set out in sections 52 to 55 of the Communications Act 2003. The processes described in this document are in constant review to ensure best practice for Bosh Communications Limited increasing customer base. Bosh Communications Limited is a business-to-business focused organisation and rarely conducts business with the domestic customer. Therefore, this code of practice is aimed at business customers.

Contact Details

Company Name: Bosh Communications Limited

Hello House

135 Somerford Road



BH23 3PY

Tel: 0330 053 1111


Equipment warranty

All telephone equipment is supplied with a 12-month warranty. If this equipment is faulty, it would be replaced free of charge within the first 12 months following installation. Equipment supplied from other manufacturers, will be sold with the warranty period equivalent to that offered by the manufacturer.

All customers are given the opportunity to sign a maintenance contract for their communications equipment. This gives an extended warranty and covers all charges for faulty equipment replacement and engineering charges during the term of the contract.

Maintenance and repairs

Technical enquiries are logged upon receipt of a telephone enquiry and are dealt with in order of priority. The level of service offered and response times are constantly monitored to ensure that the customers receive a prompt efficient and professional response to all enquiries. During office hours, we aim to consistently achieve first response to all technical problems as agreed with the SLAs.

Access to services

Bosh Communications Limited predominantly relies on proactive telemarketing calls to arrange appointments for sales representative. The company has also experienced great success with the referral scheme whereby existing customers recommend associate businesses that would benefit from our services. Customers can discover more information regarding the range of services available from Bosh Communications Limited on our website ‪

Compensations or refunds

Where it is apparent that we have overcharged a customer in error, we will issue an immediate refund upon customer request. The full extent of our liability for direct or indirect cost, loss of profit or goodwill is clearly set out in our Order Form, which is signed by every customer at point of sale. Customers should refer to their Order Form terms and conditions for further details.

In the event of the billing error, we will need to investigate upon notification by a customer and if appropriate, we will rectify the error on the next invoice. Full itemisation of called charges is available at an additional cost.

Annual maintenance contract charges are invoiced prior to each anniversary of contract commencement. Payment must be made prior to the annual renewal date in order to ensure service continuity. These maintenance charges will be added to your bill.

Other invoices are dispatched as and when our services are provided. Except by prior arrangement, these are payable upon completion of the work to which the charges relate. We endeavour to ensure that invoices provide a clear explanation of the nature of the charges and due date.

Our Services

Supply of communications equipment including but not limited, Telephone Systems, Handsets, VoIP handsets and Mobile Handsets. Installation and maintenance of communications equipment and systems. On site and off site 24/7 technical support. Provision of access to communications networks for the routing of telephone calls. Supply of non-geographic telephone numbers, Line rentals and Broadband Services. Provision of computer software and hardware for managing telephone systems such as; Voice Recording, On Hold Marketing, Call Management, Systems and Voicemail systems and Network Infrastructure.


Our equipment pricing is dependent on a variety of factors including:

> Number of Extensions

> Period of Lease

> Quantity and nature of additional equipment

Cancellation Services

Customers are entitled to cancel services with Bosh Communications Limited in writing at any time. Where the customer is in contract, Early Termination Charges will apply, calculated in accordance with the terms set out in individual contracts.​

​Customer rights

We aim to ensure that the terms and conditions under which we trade are clearly communicated to our customers at point of sale. We always provide customers with a copy of all contractual documentation that they have signed at the time of sale. We maintain a database of customer information. We comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act. Customers may request a copy of the information we hold about their business

Bosh Communications Limited often acts as an introducer to financial intermediaries in order to assist with their communication equipment purchases. We are committed to ensuring that the companies with whom we work fully comply with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

​Communication with customers

We value regular communication with the customers and wish to receive feedback about the quality of our service as well as suggestions as to how we can improve our service or alternative products and services that our customers would value.

We are happy to receive feedback by telephone calls, letter or via email. Appropriate contact details can be found on the “Contact” page of our website at ‪

When contacting new customers, Bosh Communications Limited is committed to fully complying with the TPS scheme, which allows companies and individuals to opt out of receiving unsolicited telephone calls. All telephone calls both inbound and outbound are recorded for quality monitoring and staff training.

​Alternative dispute resolution procedure

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with our response we will encourage the complainant to contact the telecommunications dispute resolution organisation, Ombudsman Services, for an independent assessment and assistance with obtaining a satisfactory resolution of the matter. We will liaise regularly with Ofcom to monitor the nature and frequency of complaints under this code.

Distribution of this code

This code will be distributed internally within Bosh Communications Limited via the company staff briefing and within the new staff. training material. The code will be made available to the public externally free of charge via our website.